Pamilla Mosher, CEO     - Parker Media Productions        

  Producer / Director

Pam Mosher majored in Design at U.C.L.A., later training in Music andTelevision Production.   She produced live music shows throughout the 1980’s and in 1993 formed Parker Media Productions, a television production company, to produce musical acts for television.    In 1995 Parker Media acquired production and post-production studios and facilities in Arcadia, where they continued to develop original programming, music shows, and documentaries.  In 1998 Parker Media opened a Commercial Production Division, to produce Corporate / Industrial films and T.V. commercials for corporate clients.    In 1999 Parker Media began offering Ad Sales for commercial clients, and in 2005  opened the Parker Media Primetime Ad Sales Division.    Pam Mosher and Parker Media Productions have two (2) PBS documentary credits:  “Living Positive,” a documentary about women living with AIDS, and “Mystic Iran: The Unseen World,” a spiritual quest through the ancient Persian land.  Pam has two grown children, Amanda, who is a music industry executive, and Robert, who builds race cars and does custom classic car restoration.


Aryana Farshad

  Producer / Director

Aryana Farshad graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris with a Major in French Literature, prior to receiving her degree in Film Production and Editing from L’Institute Des Hautes Etudes Cinematographiques.   She worked as a documentary editor in France, continuing in Iran, where she received the ABU award for editing “The Emigrant Birds”, working with major award-winning Iranian and European filmmakers, including two-time Oscar winnerAlbert Lamorisse.  Moving to the U.S. in 1977, she continued studies at U.S.C.Film School, and joined the Editors Guild of America (I.A.T.S.E.)  She worked in post-production at major studios, including MGM and Columbia Pictures, while developing her own documentary projects.  Her first full-length documentary, “Mystic Iran:  The Unseen World” was picked up by PBS, and has been airing on various affiliates from December of 2004 through March of 2005.  She began working as a Producer / Director for Parker Media’s Commercial Division in 2001.


Amanda Mosher

   President, Sugar Glider Studios / Music Supervisor

Amanda Mosher is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, with her degree in songwriting.  She was instrumental in developing and producing the musical sitcom series “Rose City Rocks” with Parker Media Productions, and continues as co-owner and President of Parker Media Productions’ Sugar Glider Studios in Arcadia, which houses the company’s musical and voiceover recording studios.  She is the music supervisor for Parker Media Productions, and serves as a Special Projects Manager for the National Academy of Recording Artsand Sciences (GRAMMY organization) in Santa Monica.   She is a composer and an award winning recording artist, being a recipient of 2005’s L.A. Music Awards “Singer/Songwriter of the Year, ” and 2006’s L.A. Music Awards best song category, “Rock Single of the Year.”


Matt Mullarkey

  Producer / Director / Editor / Engineer

Matt Mullarkey has a dual background that blends his Engineering Degree and career experience with television and music production.  His considerable technical expertise works well in the production environment, and he brings with it the creative side of a working musician, music video producer / director andeditor.   He offers a broad range of assets in the form of systems design and development for large scale and municipal projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked for 6 years, client relations, programmanagement, and creative directing.  All of his creative passions are now tied into the production of music videos, television commercials, and original programming.  Matt moved to Los Angeles and began working for Parker Media in 2004.  He is also a working musician, and plays guitar in rock bands.


Brendon Phillips


Brendon Phillips  trained as a cinematographerat AFI (MFA, 1997) and animator at Kansas City Art Institute (BFA, 1994).   Fascinated by the possibilities he saw to fuse his film background with his early training in computer animation, he taught himself HTML and Javascript while working for companies like Disney Interactive and Dreamworks.  His film credits include cinematographer on several award winning shorts, commercials, feature films, and an HBO series.  He has directed short features, including STREETS, an award-winning documentary, and ANOTHER DAY AROUND THE WAY, featured in the Kansas City Film Festival.  He teaches Cinematography at the Los Angeles campus of New York Film Institute.